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In fact the Persona 9H is currently Paradigm's absolute top model, being the priciest, and technically most complex, design in the company's flagship range. In addition, with these speakers being made entirely in-house by the company in Canada, it's possible to have them in a range of special order finishes, subject to a six-week lead time from the factory: 16 gloss and metallic colours are available, including Burnt Orange, Candy Apple Red and British Racing Green, and one can also choose between silver or black for the metalwork, with the optional grilles available in black, silver or slate grey.

The 'B' and the 'F' suffixes are pretty self-explanatory, as is the 'C' on the centre channel, but the speaker we have here is the only one with an 'H' suffix, denoting its hybrid combination of a conventional passive midband and treble with an active bass section. The bass department is fully integrated into the design of the speaker, which only has a mains input to show it differs from an entirely passive design — well almost, but we'll come to that in a moment — and is connected to an amplifier conventionally using bi-wirable terminals.

To The Max By any standards these are large speakers, standing some cm tall and, with a fighting weight of 86kg apiece, these Paradigms take some shifting. While Paradigm specifies an amp compatibility of 15WW, we wouldn't be tempted to hook them up to a low-powered valve amplifier. Even before we get to the active bass section and the provision of built-in room-correction courtesy of compatriot and stablemate Anthem, there's much to attract our interest here, not least the use of beryllium for both the tweeter and the midrange unit.

Paradigm may not be the only company to use this material for high frequencies, but extending its use to the midrange is both unusual and necessarily expensive. Both drivers use 'Truextent Beryllium' diaphragms, the 25mm tweeter sitting behind a 'Perforated Phase Aligning Tweeter Lens' — which is styled with somewhat psychedelic swirls — while the Double Bass Things get even more complex with the bass section… Four Just in case you're wondering about those four bass drivers, when a glance at the front of the speaker reveals just two, the Persona 9H has another pair off to the rear.

These operate in vibration-cancelling opposition, as seen in designs from some rival manufacturers, and vent through vertical grilles in the tapered back of the cabinet. This has the side effect of making these speakers rather more sensitive to room placement than some more conventional designs — let's just say that if you don't have the space to get them well out from walls and corners, perhaps they're not right for you.

Paradigm suggests at least 20cm from the rear wall and 'as far as possible' from the side walls, but I'd be inclined to suggest that having the speakers that close to the rear wall might be pushing one's luck.

Search form Search. Related Latest Reviews News. Magico A1 Loudspeaker. GoldenEar Triton One. R Loudspeaker. Spendor Classic Ti Loudspeaker. Klipsch RPM Loudspeaker.If you are a Canadian music or home theatre enthusiast, chances are good that when someone brings up the subject of loudspeakers the first brand name that usually comes to mind will probably be Paradigm.

Given the consistency with which this brand has, over three decade, offered such incredibly good value at every speaker price point, they fully deserve this distinction. Many Canadians and an ever-increasing number of Americans and Europeans have got into this lovely hobby with a pair of Paradigms as their first true high-end speaker and in so many cases, they are so happy with their purchase that whenever they are bitten by the upgrade bug, there is a good chance that they move up to a better Paradigm loudspeaker.

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The Paradigm recipe for success has always been to strive for innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, employing superior materials, keep as much of the manufacturing process in-house and using smart engineering techniques. This has garnered Paradigm hundreds of industry awards and positive reviews. Over the past couple of decades, many high-end audio brands have chosen to move all or part of their production overseas to take advantage of lower labour, material and ancillary costs.

GOT NEW SPEAKERS! (Audioengine A5+ Unboxing)

Paradigm has chosen a different path. They have chosen to continue to be proudly Canadian through and through by continuing to handcraft their products in the true north, strong and free. Rather than rest on their laurels, the folks at Paradigm have constantly strived not just to maintain but enhance their reputation for offering some of the best performance, build quality and aesthetics at each speaker price point from entry level to the high 4-figure price range.

The new line offers seven models including three floor-standing models, one bookshelf, two center channels units and a surround channel option.

paradigm powered speakers

Two matching subwoofers will be available this year. What immediately struck me about the new range was the aesthetics. This is by far, the smartest, sleekest, most elegant look that Paradigm has ever offered. The clean lines have been achieved by utilizing concave dust caps and low-diffraction brushed anodized aluminum trim rings. Hiding all the fastening hardware from view, unlike many previous models, makes the Prestige Series very pleasing to the eyes.

The cabinets have a lovely finish and the magnetically attached grill rounds off this sharp, sophisticated tuxedo look.

All the drivers for the Prestige range have been designed and mostly manufactured in-house in order to achieve higher consistency and tighter tolerances. The cabinets are cloaked in real Walnut hardwood veneer and offered in a choice of gloss finishes. The Walnut option offers a smooth satin finish with a nice wood grain, while the Midnight Cherry and Piano Black choices give you a hand-rubbed, high-gloss finish. The unpacking of the speakers was quite straightforward. I spent some time reading through the manual and was heartened to see that it very thoughtfully included not just the usual instructions and information but also tips on how to position the speakers so as to get the minimum possible interference from the acoustics of the listening room.

It also included advice on how to choose an appropriate amplifier and this included the sage advice that you are more likely to damage speakers with under-powered amplifiers rather than overpowered ones. The 85F has a stainless steel and aluminum base that is designed not just to isolate and subdue cabinet vibrations but also to make it easy to switch from the hard floor option to the spike setting for carpets.

The default setting is for a hard floor and if you have carpet instead, you need to unscrew the footer and reverse the insert so that the speaker sits on spikes that reach through the carpet to give the speakers better coupling to the floor below the carpet. These are height adjustable to ensure proper alignment of the speakers, which is necessary for optimum performance. A very thoughtful addition is a pair of gloves to let customers handle and move the speakers without damaging the exquisite finish.A few weeks ago, a friend was over to watch a movie in my home theater for the first time.

Enamored with the experience, he asked for surround speaker recommendations to replace the soundbar in his living room. Like any good audiophile, I told him to avoid brands typically found in big-box stores and go with a company respected by the hi-fi community, explaining that these companies have what I refer to as a top-down approach when designing speakers. The knowledge gained often trickles down and gets incorporated into their less expensive speaker lines, thus creating speakers that offer better value and sound at a similar price point to the big-box names.

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The AV Gods' ears must have been burning, as the Paradigm Premier Series speakers that soon showed up on my doorstep epitomize this top-down approach to speaker design, offering a compelling value for those looking to upgrade to something more performance oriented without breaking the bank. Paradigm's Premier lineup comprise six unique models. Finish options on the Premier line include gloss black, gloss white, and espresso grain. The speakers I received for review were in gloss black and the finish is absolutely gorgeous for the price.

As mentioned above, all of the speakers borrow technology and design elements from Paradigm's more expensive offerings. With components designed in-house, Paradigm can control nearly every aspect of the speaker to get the level of performance and sound signature they want each speaker to have.

This level of control over design is something you'll have a hard time finding from the big-box brands. All five of the speakers Paradigm sent me employ the company's one-inch ferro-fluid damped and cooled pure aluminum X-PAL dome tweeter. The tweeter is protected by what Paradigm refers to as a perforated phase-aligned PPA tweeter lens.

This lens works as a phase plug, helping to cancel out-of-phase frequencies. Paradigm claims the PPA lens allows for greater driver efficiency and smoother, more extended high frequencies.

It also adds an aesthetically pleasing, distinctive touch to the speakers' design. The midrange woofer in the F and F use Paradigm's carbon-infused polypropylene cone and is covered by a similar but of course larger perforated phase-aligned lens. Carbon is used to make the cone stronger and more rigid, allowing for less distortion and more pistonic movement, which is something all woofers are trying to approximate.

Woofers in this range use Paradigm's patented Active Ridge Technology ART surround, made from an injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer. Compared to surround materials typically found in speakers in this price range, Paradigm claims ART is more durable and allows for greater driver excursion for a 3dB gain in output and a fifty percent reduction in distortion.

The woofer baskets are diecast and feature large, integrated heat sinks to better dissipate heat, allowing the woofer to accept more power without compression. The woofer drivers also use a spider backing material made of Nomex. Using Nomex, over the more conventional cotton material typically found in this price range, allows for a number of advantages in performance. Nomex is more pliable and ten times stronger than cotton.

Using Nomex should ensure the driver's performance remains consistent as it ages. The speaker cabinets are made from anti-resonant three-quarter-inch MDF with computer-optimized internal bracing and reinforced front baffles. The one-inch MDF front baffle is smoothed, which Paradigm claims helps reduce diffraction and improve sound radiation performance. The speaker cabinets also taper toward the back, removing parallel cabinet walls.

This helps eliminate standing waves inside the cabinet, reducing coloration and distortion. The Hookup I was particularly impressed with how well these speakers were packaged considering the cost. Each speaker comes with a set of pictured step-by-step instructions for unboxing, making setup a lot easier.

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Cleverly, the instructions for the F floor-standers have you unbox the speakers upside down so you can install either floor spikes or rubberized feet first included in the boxso that when you flip the speakers upright they're ready for use. Prior to Paradigm sending me these speakers, they received a hundred hours of break-in at the factory.

I should also note that Paradigm didn't send me a subwoofer to use with these surround sound speakers, so I added my personal Elemental Designs A7S sub to the mix.Paradigm is on a tear as of late, and their newest line of products, the Shift Seriesis among the brand's most ambitious to date. Rather than simply make another line of loudspeakers, Paradigm has focused its attention on more lifestyle-oriented products, such as powered desktop loudspeakers, headphones, soundbars and even wireless speakers.

The A2 powered loudspeaker, reviewed here, is arguably the Shift Series' crowning achievement and, as I would find out, possibly the best all-round loudspeaker Paradigm has ever made. Regardless of finish, the A2 is sold direct via the Paradigm Shift website, as well as at select Paradigm Shift dealers.

Paradigm Prestige 85F Loudspeakers Review

The A2 is a two-way, self-powered monitor loudspeaker that measures eleven inches tall by nearly seven inches wide and nine inches deep. Despite its internal amplification and robust construction, the A2 only weighs a scant eleven pounds. The included grilles are magnetic and cover the A2's driver complement nicely. Around back, things get really interesting. Working from top to bottom, the first item you'll encounter is the A2's volume control, followed by a single AC power input North American models only for use with powered wireless dongles or to power a second A2 if only one outlet is present.

Along the bottom rests the A2's input options: a single 3. There is also a mirrored set of audio outputs as well, which are important if you're going to be daisy-chaining multiple A2s. Lastly, there is the A2's master power switch, along with its AC power outlet.

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Behind the scenes, the A2 employs a single one-inch pure aluminum dome tweeter that is powered by its own fifty-watt internal amplifier. Midrange and bass are handled via a single five-and-a-half inch satin-anodized, pure aluminum woofer, which is also powered by its own fifty-watt internal amplifier.

It should be noted that the internal amps are capable of up to watts of dynamic power. The two-way design and internal amplification give the A2 a reported frequency response of 55Hz to 20kHz, with low-frequency extension reaching a reported 30Hz, according to Paradigm. Both are sold separately and are available via Paradigm's website or your local Paradigm Shift dealer. Each speaker is boxed individually and is well-braced and packaged for a safe travel.

Paradigm also sent me a pair of stainless steel stands and the BD1 Bluetooth Receiver to use in my evaluation. At more than double the MM-1's size, the A2s did require some minor rearranging when it came to fitting them on my desk, but nothing too strenuous.

In their final resting places atop my workstation, the speakers sat approximately four feet apart and roughly six inches off my office front wall, with shallow side walls resting about a foot outside the speakers' outermost edges. This near-field configuration is one I'm very familiar with, for every desktop suitor has pulled a tour or two on my desk before either being promoted to one of my two listening rooms or being demoted back to their respective manufacturers.

I set the A2 up in a variety of ways, though for most of my critical listening, I connected the left speaker to my computer via a single 3. From there, I simply told each speaker whether it was left or right via the included switch and was off and running.This is it: the new Paradigm, stylishly delivering an unprecedented level of audio realism. Our flagship showcase of vanguard materials, design acumen, and our most advanced technologies, all entirely Crafted in Canada.

Persona Sub is specially designed to match the aesthetics of the Persona Series, and to deliver a wallop of deep bass effects. Powered by a W Ultra-Class-D amplifier capable of W dynamic peaksand an array of Paradigm bass enhancements like advanced DSP, efficient venting and superior power supply switching, this sub adds depth, clarity and bass precision to your Persona audio system.

Achieve well-blended musical bass down to an astonishing 12Hz.

paradigm powered speakers

Use two or more for a truly moving audio experience! When was the last time you heard music performed live? Live music is the ne plus ultra entertainment experience, and Prestige brings it home to you. Step up from mass-market audio to a superior sound experience, with the new Premier Series of affordable high-performance loudspeakers. The stylish and affordable new Monitor SE Series is the perfect introduction to the world of high-performance audio.

Pure power, unleashed by clean, efficient amplification, in six models, from entry-level to the ultimate earthshaking performance. Place your subwoofer anywhere in your room, with no inconvenient cabling, and without sacrificing speed or performance. World-class performance! Our Signature products deliver best-in-class performance for music and home theater with bold aesthetic.

Design innovation for maximum performance from a minimal footprint! A true collaboration between industrial, mechanical, electronic and acoustic design. A completely custom build, demonstrating how good it gets when form truly follows function! In addition to its ultra-low-distortion split-coil driver design, the subwoofer also features an watt RMS Ultra-Class-D amplifier, and the inch woofer cone is capable of two full inches of travel, giving it an unbelievably deep voice for such a petite little frame.

Paradigm performance in a compact, custom matched multi-channel music and home theater audio system, including a complete 5. Single driver, bass reflex, high-velocity low-turbulence resitive ports, built-in amplifier, flexible positioning: gloss side up or cloth side up with feet.

Dual woofer back-to-back bipolar design! We guarantee you won't be able to keep the Paradigm difference a secret. In fact, we hope you don't. Spread the word! Talk about it. BRAG about it! Play your MilleniaSub and let others listen! Legendary Paradigm sound, anywhere. Learn More. Persona 7F 4-driver, 3-way floorstanding. Persona 5F 5-driver, 3 way floorstanding bass reflex.

Persona 3F 4-driver, 3 way floorstanding bass reflex. Persona B 2-driver, 2 way bookshelf bass reflex.Legendary Paradigm sound, anywhere.

paradigm powered speakers

Findings influence design and performance specs, resulting in a uniquely realistic listening experience, backed by sound science. Read the latest reviews from the pros. Paradigm products consistently gain recognition around the world for their innovation, sonics and visual appeal.

Paradigm Prestige 85F Loudspeakers Review

Read them for yourself. Please, Sign in or Sign up to add comments. Products Details. Shift A2. Powered Speaker with Digital Signal Processing. Model Lineup. Soundplay Learn More. Soundtrack 2 System Learn More.

Shift A2 Learn More. H15NC Learn More. Shift H15 Learn More. Shift e3m Learn More. Shift e3i Learn More. Shift e2m Learn More.

Shift e2i Learn More. A Golden Ear recipient, the Shift A2 is more than just a cleverly named loudspeaker. Compact, internally powered, and equipped with DSP bass management and enough back-panel inputs to connect almost any source, this is what 21st century entry-levle high end is all about.

A combination of sound and value, it extends the welcome mat to The Paradigms took me aback with their room filling, viscerally exciting presentation. I literally did a double take. This was real deal, high fidelity sound that in no way resembled classic 'computer speakers' in any shape or form. I am talking about authentic, tuneful, believable bass, liquid, totally satisfying midrange textures, and silky high frequencies.Search form Search.

Show Munich More Reports. Stand Loudspeaker Reviews. There are many benefits accruing to a loudspeaker when its designer goes the active or powered route. The usual losses and distortions associated with passive crossovers can be circumvented, while the fact that the amplifiers and drive-units can be designed as a package enables the designer to squeeze more performance from each than would otherwise be the case.

And the savings gained from the absence of a separate amplifier chassis can be passed on to the consumer.

paradigm powered speakers

Yet with the exception of some domestic models from Meridian, Genelec, and Mackie, and powered subwoofers from many home-theater manufacturers, active speakers have not caught on big with audiophiles. I suspect it's an issue of choice: buy an active speaker and you're denied the freedom to select an amplifier from a favorite manufacturer. And when you go active, your existing amplifier metamorphoses into a costly boat anchor.

Nevertheless, brave manufacturers continue to introduce powered speakers. The woofer features an inverted-roll surround and is built on a diecast chassis. This has flanges to its side that mate with the substantial frame of the grille to give a smooth, obstruction-free acoustic environment for the drivers. The woofer is reflex-loaded with a large port on the speaker's rear. This port is 9" deep and 2" in diameter, and is flared on both ends to reduce turbulence at high levels. Clues to the speaker's active nature are the green, LED-illuminated Paradigm logo under the woofer on the grille, and the large array of vertical heatsink fins on the top half of the rear panel.

Another switch engages a high-pass filter, for use with systems including a subwoofer. I used the latter setting, as the time constant seems sensibly set. The speaker stays on long enough without signal that you have time to change a CD, or go to the kitchen for another beer. Some active speakers turn off far too quickly, I have found. The woofer is driven by a W amplifier, the tweeter by a 50W amplifier. While this power ratio may seem sensible on typical music program, my experience has been that, for wide-bandwidth signals, the tweeter needs to see as much voltage swing as the woofer.

However, Paradigm may well have been sensible in setting the HF unit's power conservatively. Let's rock It took me a while to find the optimum place for the Paradigms in my room. Suspecting a coincidence between the distance of the woofers from the wall behind them and from the floor with the speakers sitting on the 25" AudioStream stands, I moved the Paradigms out in stages; eventually they ended up about 45" from the wall. In this position, the upper-bass transition sounded smooth and even. I left the speakers in this position for the rest of the review period.